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Hitchcock, L., Sage, M. & Smyth, N. (expected November 2018). Technology in Social Work Education. (Under Contract). CSWE Press: Alexandria, VA.

Book Chapters

Singer, J., & Sage, M. (2015). Technology and Social Work Practice: Micro, Mezzo, and Macro Applications. In Corcoran, K., & Roberts, A. R. (Eds.), Social Workers' Desk Reference (3rd Edition ed.). Oxford University Press: New York. 

Sage, M. & Barkdull, C. (in press, expected 2016). The role of data in Indian Child Welfare. In Ned, J.D., & Frost, C.J. (Eds.), Contemporary Issues in Child Welfare: American Indian and Canadian Aboriginal Contexts. JCharlton Publishing, Ltd: British Columbia.

Refereed Journal Articles

1.     Sage, M., & Sage, T. (2016) Social media use in child welfare practice. Advances in Social Work, 17(1).

2.     Sage, M., & Sage, T. (2016). Social media and e-professionalism in child welfare: Policy and practice. Journal of Public Child Welfare, 10(1).

3.     Sage, M., & Sele, P. (2015). Reflective journaling as a Flipped Classroom technique to increase reading and participation with Social Work students. Journal of Social Work Education, 51(4), 668-681.

4.     Sage, M., & Quinn, A. (2014). Editorial: Use of technology in human services training and education. Journal of Technology in Human Services, 32(1-2), 1-3.

5.     Sage, M. (2014). Use of Web 2.0 to train facilitators in treatment and research fidelity: A case study. Journal of Technology in Human Services, 32(1-2), 108-118.

6.     Sage, M. (2013). Distance guest speakers in online synchronous classrooms: Practical and legal considerations. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 33(4-5), 385-392.

7.     Kenyon, G. L., Chong, K. A., Enkoff-Sage, M., Hill, C., Mays, C., & Rochelle, L. (2003). Public adoption by gay and lesbian parents in North Carolina: Policy and practice. Families in Society, 84(4), 571-575.

Invited Journal Articles

2.     Sage, M., Walker, J. (2006). Strengthening social support: research implications forinterventions in children's mental health. Focal Point, 20(1), 2-9.

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