Other SW Geeks

Ignacio is an MSW in CA who blogs about his use of technology in direct practice.

Jimmy Young, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at California State University San Marcos.  He teaches policy with Twitter and talks a lot about that work at his blog.

Jonathan Singer, PhD, is on the faculty at Temple University and runs the Social Work Podcast.

Karen Zgoda, PhD student, studies technology and writes Social Work 2.0 for The New Social Worker Magazine.

Laura Nissen, PhD, is an Associate Professor and College Dean at Portland State University and blogs about general issues of social work; we occasionally geek out together over facebook on shared interests such as art, technology, and teaching social work.

Laurel Hitchcock, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at University of Alabama Birmingham.  She is a twitter queen and a great friend.

Nancy J Smyth, PhD, is the Dean of the School of Social Work at University of Buffalo, a tech geek who knows virtual worlds and studies trauma.  She also supports the Living Proof Podcast at the School.

Sean Erreger, LCSW, is a Social Work Practitioner in New York. He loves to think about practice innovation and often attends social work conferences via Twitter, which is fun for him and those of us on the ground.

Stephen Cummings, PhD, is a Clinical Social Work Professor and Field Education Director at the University of Iowa School of Social Work.

If you would like to be added to or removed from this list (or would like the link edited) send me an email.