Digital Scholarship

Public scholarship is a way of sharing work via social and digital media, through blogs, Twitter, and other places around the web. This sharing speeds dissemination, allows opportunity for feedback, removes scholarship from behind locked paywalls, and engages people from those impacted to service providers to other scholars to administrators.  Despite the benefits, public scholarship is still mostly not recognized by Promotion and Tenure committees as a legitimate demonstration of research impact.
My intention is to list resources on this page related to research use and assessment of Digital Scholarship. If you have good resources for this page, especially those that might be Social Work specific or especially well-suited to our field, please tweet me/email me/leave a comment.

Assessing Digital Scholarship

1. Eysenbach, G. (2011). Can tweets predict citations? Metrics of social impact based on Twitter and correlation with traditional metrics of scientific impact. Journal of medical Internet research13(4).

Twitter activity predicts highly-cited medical articles.

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